SHOEI has evolved the already superior VFX-W helmet into the next era of off-road motorcycling. Sporting all-new safety and stability features, easy adjustability and maintenance, and an aggressively modified yet recognizable look, the VFX-EVO stands ready to command the arena and meet riders' needs for this challenging sport.

    • Lightweight, Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Shell:
      • Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) construction combines high-performance fibers with organic fibers to create a shell structure that is lightweight, rigid, and resilient.
      • Expanded rib shapes across the rear enhance strap holding performance for goggle wearers.
      • Four shell sizes increase fit options that help comfortably fit most head sizes.
      • Aerodynamic properties are maximized through extensive wind tunnel and rider testing.
    • Flow-Through Ventilation System:
      • The ventilation system includes a total of 16 intake / exhaust vents: front air intake, as well as two additional, enlarged exhaust outlets.
      • Extra front intake vents combine with rear exhaust outlet vents and an enlarged neck outlet vent to maximize flow-through ventilation.
      • Cool air passes through the front intake vents, cools the helmet interior, and is exhausted through the rear vents by the force of negative air pressure.
    • 3D Max-Dry Removable Liner System:
      • The helmet interior is constructed with a comfortable, 3D Max-Dry material that absorbs two times its weight in moisture, after which it gets exhausted by polymer in the center, keeping the fabric's surface cool.
      • E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) features special straps under the cheek pads which allow them to be easily removed, so the helmet can be quickly taken off by emergency personnel after an accident.
      • The cheek pads, center pad, and chin strap are easily removed for cleaning, replacement, and a fine-tuned fit.
    • V-470 Visor:
      • Aggressively shaped, streamlined visor.
      • Easily installed or removed with three external screws, using the center screw to adjust for optimal visibility.
    • Nose Cover:
      • Designed to improve safety.
      • Features mesh to filter dirt and dust, and aluminum mesh to prevent roost from entering the mouth.
      • Easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.
    • M.E.D.S (Motion Energy Distribution System):
      • A flexible insert that helps absorb sudden impacts by reducing rotational acceleration to the head in the event of a crash.
      • SHOEI's in-house testing showed rotational energy to be reduced by 15% in comparison to that of the VFX-EVO's predecessor, the VFX-W off-road helmet.
    • Also Included:
      • Larger mouth piece for improved air intake.
      • Ergonomically-shaped mud guard specially shaped so as not to interfere with the wearing of goggles, and dedicated plastic tabs help hold the mud guard firmly in place during serious off-road riding conditions.
      • Helmet sack constructed of soft, velvety fabric with drawstring closure.
    • Weight: 3.36 pounds / 1522 grams (approximate, based on size medium solid color).
    • Standards: SNELL and DOT-218 Approved.